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Can Download Sites Be Held Responsible for the Software They List?

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There is a group of rappers that think they should, suing CNET for having listed Limewire on, along with review and tutorial content on how to use it.

CBS Interactive, CNET and Lime Wire have been named as defendants in a copyright infringement complaint filed this past Tuesday by a group of  fifteen people, a vast majority of whom are rappers. While Lime Wire is no stranger to copyright infringement claims, the current lawsuit must have certainly come as a surprise to the other defendants, who are being accused of distributing and profiting from “software applications used to infringe copyrights on a massive scale.”

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Gun dealers aren't subject to the same standard, so why should download sites?

Why not sue Microsoft because you can write viruses with Visual Studio?

Sue tech sites for posting information about how to use key hooks?

Sue vBulletin because there are 10k Al Quaida sites using it? (interesting article here - check last line for hypocrisy)

What about Tim Berners Lee? It's his fault we have the Internet in the first place! He created the infrastructure for piracy! Sue him! :P

I think it's a bad path to go down.

Sue everybody for having ears to (being forced to) listen to rap.  :P

Stoic Joker:
Sue everybody for having ears to (being forced to) listen to rap.  :P-Shades (May 06, 2011, 11:50 PM)
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+500  :Thmbsup:


Im supposed to be boycotting atm, but I couldnt pass this one up after noticing you all miss a rather crappy joke here...

This whole "Sue for linking" is a giant ton of (c)rap

<resume boycott>


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