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Now where is the "view -> toolbars" menu then?

Right-click on a blank spot of the toolbars and go to the Toolbars item or Settings->Customise->Toolbars.

Ah hm, thanks.

And can I disable that "styled" context menu? I always have to scroll.

I've been happy with version 9 for several years.  My only real complaint is the difficulty I have in figuring out how to access and change various settings (there are a LOT of settings).

I prefer XP to Windows 7.  Don't need no stinking libraries.

Given that, is there a compelling reason for me to shell out fifty-four bucks?

I recommend people toggle on the MENU, OPERATIONS, and LOCATION toolbars (the new ones) and review the menus commands..... I copied some of the buttons/command to my defau;t confgig I'm using from version 9.

Some are new and others improved.


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