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Well, I made the mistake of updating to DOpus 10 early and now after trying to tolerate its endless little niggling bugs and changes that don’t really help me at all, I really wish I had just stuck with DOpus 9. I am thinking seriously about downgrading back to DOpus 9. Has anyone here gone back to V.9? Any problems or difficulties?



^ I've lost custom shortcuts  (I think all) *and* a lot of default ones - I didnt do anything wild & crazy and I'm not sure what caused it. I'm considering a reinstall but I'll probably stick with 10.

There was an update this week, dont know what it fixed, lets see - might help me too - no, dont see much there:

Can anyone tell: is it possible to somehow turn off Opus drivers being loaded automatically from the time Windows Boots up.
        i think it consumes a little more than 12 MB memory even if a user does not open Opus. That is one thing only i dislike about D.O : i think Q-Dir performs equally well compared to D.O.

@hulkbuster; your last remark may not go well with quite a number of DC members... they think DOpus is The Best.

The auto-starting file's job is to launch DO via your "dblclick" on the desktop. Before removing it from start, make sure DOpus is not the default handler of anything! The file's consumption is as low as 7.74MB - no reason to exit it. If you insist removing it from start, any startup manager can do this.

Before removing it from start, make sure DOpus is not the default handler of anything!
-Curt (September 17, 2011, 12:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

To be safe, you probably should also deselect "Replace Explorer" in options under "Explorer Replacement" and restart Dopus (before removing it from start-up).


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