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Complaint about Bartels Media \ the PhraseExpress people

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if you respond like this (conspiracy theories, personal atrtacks), you are only fulfilling all the negative descriptions of the OP . . .
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Conspiracy theory? Personal attacks? Who could I attack if the original is nothing but an anonymous troll who is gone already? You must be kidding.

It is awesome to see the outcome here. Trolls always win. Especially at DC. :-)

Have you actually read the original posting at all? It's sole intention was to badmouth our company.
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If i remember correctly then i've followed many threads related to bartles media/phrase express.

You can be lucky that it never happened to you but wouldn't you defend yourself as well if you would find such false public accusations about you?
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I prefer to respond to accusations made in court case or anything within the windows of law. I don't care what other bloggers/forum members are posting against me or my work. They've freedom of speech and they can do whatever they want with it. There are countless threads on the internet making fun of lady gaga (calling her shemale) or ridiculing some software/blogger/person, i don't see them defending personally by jumping in public forums. I guess those who do that have plenty of time in their hands or taking public forum rants too seriously.

Remember stuff like 'phraseexpress sucks' or 'dreamhost sucks' or hostgator suckss' used to work earlier in google but now people are aware of such rant pages and it hardly hurts reputation of any company. e.g. There are thousands of rant pages against paypal, still it is alive and kicking. It's your choice to either concentrate on software development or to chase un-satisfied customer to save your reputation by rhetoric replies on their threads. Just saying. Have fun with the rest of the thread.

There are countless threads on the internet making fun of lady gaga
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There is a difference between ridiculing vs. making bold and false claims with the intention to harm one's business. Be lucky that you don't have to deal with it.

concentrate on software development
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It is awesome to see that many of you are caring about the PhraseExpress development. I gladly confirm, that PhraseExpress is continuously improved right now. We also have very exciting new features to come.

If you have any feature suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell.

By the way, just to make clear if you are afraid: I personally am not member of the development team. I am not that smart but happy to tell you, that my sole task is to serve you if you have any question about PhraseExpress.

You can rest assured, that PhraseExpress development is well alive and not interrupted the slightes bit because of this thread here.

Am I the only person having a problem with the way BartlesMedia responded in this thread? :nono2:

-40hz (April 20, 2011, 08:14 AM)
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No.  Not at all.  But it was not at all unexpected.  Just let it drop... lock the thread.  He does business how he does business, and the less discussion on that point the better, IMO.  Everyone has opinions and mine on the subject are well known (as well as my ... experiences with the overzealous representative) ... but in the end it's not worth the time, and I'd rather have productive conversations with people over productive issues, and not waste DoCo resources on this discussion. (which says a lot given my penchant for discussions LOL)

courtesy of xkcd

Ah, WRAITH! I seriously wondered that you haven't shown up yet to "waste your resources on this discussion".

It was only a question of time but you never fail to deliver, do you?  :-*


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