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In search of lightbox script/application, non-image ...



While there's been some discussion here of lightbox application, none of it seems to fit current needs.  I'm trying to help a friend (CC), but this time of year seems to bestow a dearth of free time upon me  :huh:.

What's needed is a script, or an application to create a script, that will show some Web pages overlaid upon a home/menu page.  Everything I've found so far wants to use images.  Certainly there's a way around that, but time constraints forbid me to experiment right now  :(.

I remember a marketing app from some years back - prolly 2004 or so - that would create appropriate script.  I likely still have it, but don't recall the name, so a local search for it would be time-consuming, to say the least.  I've looked at a jQuery plugin that seems promising, but can't play with it, and while CC is reasonably adept at HTML/PHP he is ... less than conversant with JS, shall we say?

Anyone know of a reasonably simple approach to this?  A well-annotated script, perhaps, or an application to create a custom script?  He's spent a lot of time on Google, but nothing he's found really works for him.

Basically, CC has a primary Web page with a number of menu items.  He wants a half-dozen or so of those menu items to blur/darken the screen, then display a smaller version of the linked page - or perhaps a <div> containing the page.  The purpose here is never to leave the primary page for these particular links.

Use Colorbox (recommended):

or the deprecated Thickbox:

Both allow you to 'lightbox' any URL.


I'd looked at Colorbox ... seems useful for a project coming down the pike ... but it's a bit much for CC.  He's more interested in sailing than Web-ing  :).

BTW, your Unhandled Perceptions is going to be the [financial] death of me  :P.  Every time I hit it, I discover - three (3) hours later! - that I'm behind on my work.  Damn you for presenting such an interesting presence  :-*.

Thank You.  Its been slacking off lately because of my project.  Need to make time for more posts.


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