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Hats off to USPS for innovative tracking scheme...

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@mwb1100  sometimes you get lucky on those free shipping deals where they send 4th class mail.  Often the package shows only a day or 2 later than the paid option.

Still, it is funny when the tracking only works after the package arrives.  Like, if the election results are only tallied after the inauguration. :)

Well, I'm going to go against the conventional wisdom here...  I'm actually a fan of USPS, and will opt for it over UPS or FedEx ground if I'm given the choice - I find it's faster and generally much cheaper. And they deliver on Saturday (though I expect that might be something that goes away sometime in the next few years as a cost cutting measure).-mwb1100 (April 10, 2011, 07:57 PM)
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There are a number of things I like about USPS. I was just chiming in on this thread's topic which is specifically about USPS's tracking system.

The other thing you have to remember about the USPS is that it is subsidized with your tax dollars and they don't have to compete to stay in business. Heck, they don't even have to be profitable. That's why the prices can be lower but some of the services (such as tracking) aren't as good as businesses who are in the business to make money and need to make money to stay in business.

In my experience, the actual delivery of USPS mail is excellent, both in shipping time as well as the service provided by my letter carrier.

However, the ancillary services pretty much suck. The tracking situation is just one example; the fact that they charge so much for what other carriers provide as part of the basic service is a broader one.

Every time the US Postal Service raises their prices, I think, great, mail just got one more day slower.


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