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DONE: Single Application Instance

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I would love to see an application that would prevent more than one instance of an application from opening.  For instance, I use Bibleworks, but it allows multiple instances, which I don't like.  It also opens up other windows that are a part of an instance of the application.  In other words, The single instance application can't go by the window title, but would have to go by the process name.


richard, this is a nice idea that can be reasonably added to a program like our find+run robot and new launch bar program - i will be adding such features in the near future, so that you can tell it that it should bring any currently running instance to the foreground instead of launching a new process.

 :) I seem to remember that my SingleApp tool will do this if you specify the class.

You find the thread here:

Sorry, months since I made that one... But maybe a v2.0 is needed?


Until mouser or skrommel come up with some better solution, you could just use a custom Authotkey script to start your application. Just change PROCESSNAME and PATH/APP.EXE.

--- ---process,exist,PROCESSNAME
if errorlevel = 0
    WinActivate, ahk_pid %errorlevel%

 :) Try this one!

SingleInstance - Only allow one instance of a program to run.

- User defined programs.
- Option to detect hidden programs.
- Won't close instances started before SingleInstance.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

AutoHotkey doesn't support global messagehooks, so I couldn't catch the programs before they were created, but I hope you can live with the "flicker".



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