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PhraseExpress v8, Pro Edition, on BdJ, Tuesday 12 April, 2011

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ABCZ is actually rather designed for typing pros and requires to take a certain learning curve.

Here is another video that shows you how to configure Autotexts that are offered and narrowed down as you type:

This may be much more useful for most.

Auspex is more usable in my opinion because of it's ease of use.
--- End quote ---


We would be very curious to learn how to make it any easier than that?!  :Thmbsup:

Auspex does the same thing at far less resource usage.
Have you tried Auspex? If not, why not?

PE gets in the way of my typing,
where Auspex does not. But that's me.

at far less resource usage.
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I hate to contradict but after checking both program's file sizes, I could not find any significant difference:

Given PE's substantially bigger feature set, I was quite surprised by the similar file size.

PE gets in the way of my typing,
--- End quote ---

PE actually only does what you are configuring it to do. If any text replacement disturbs you, the solution is just a click away. Any Text Expander can ruin your typing flow if you misconfigure it.

But that's me.
--- End quote ---

Sure, if you found your solution, there is no reason to switch unless you wish some of PE's extra features. I just asked to figure out whether you have any improvement suggestions that would be useful for us.

By the way, Auspex' replacement text wizard is very handy indeed. Nice work.

System Resources - as in Memory and CPU usage.
Not how much room the files take up on the hard drive.

Are you just kidding around or just don't know what I'm speaking of?
I know what I'm talking about, I suspect the majority here do as well.

I don't have the need to click away from something that is not there.
Saving time.


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