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Movies I Love to Listen To: Dialects and Accents

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I have a low tolerance for re-watching movies.. Usually after I see a movie I won't ever want to watch it again.

But there is an exception to this rule -- there are certain movies where just listening to the actors speak is extremely enjoyable because of the dialects or accents.

I thought maybe we could have a thread and share our lists of movies that we love to listen to because of dialects and accents.

A few to start us off:

* Blood Diamond
* True Grit (2010 version; great cowboy language)
* Fargo
* Gone Baby Gone (Boston Accents)
* Glengary Glen Ross
Note: the imdb trailers seem to be completely unhelpful as examples of why these movies are nice to listen to, so don't judge them based on that.

I've just seen True Grit last weekend and have to agree. That movie came to my mind when I read your topic title. A European classic concerning cool dialect is Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. It's a French movie.

I remember this bit from The Usual Suspects cracking me up. [NSFW] In English, please!  ;D

Much as I wish I could hate him, I think Brad Pitt is a phenomenal actor. I think the speech patterns he used in the movie Snatch were fascinating.

Also, I'm continually amazed by Eric Idle's ability to gush forth enormous amounts of text, almost a monologue, while smoothly inserting wordplay into it. I can't imagine the amount he must have rehearsed. See for example, Monty Python's Travel Agent Sketch. (Transcribed here)

+1 for Fargo and Glengary Glen Ross

I'd probably add

* Shakespeare in Love - it's the Bard after all! :Thmbsup:
* The Number 23 - some of the best narrative voice-overs
* The Usual Suspects- something about that back and forth between Kevin Spacey and Chazz Palminteri
* Serenity - gotta love that neo-antebellum dialect spoken in Josh Whedon's 'Verse
* Chocolat - as pleasant to listen to as it is to watch. Binoche, Olin, Moss and Dench all in the same film? Plus Sally Taylor-Isherwood doing the voiceovers? What's not to like? (Great soundtrack which includes some fine Gypsy jazz guitar if you're a Django Reinhardt fan too!)


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