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Anyone testing Daminion Media Manager ?

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Please check a new Daminion build

Well I tested and Daminion still tries to read the floppy drive.
I then closed the catalog, closed Daminion, reopened Daminion and it still tries to read the floppy drive AND opens the previous catalog.

Did you close Daminion when updating? What version do you see on Help > About?

I've checked 525 version and it works fine for me when I attach my Floppy drive (in comparison to 524 version that is silently tries to access to the floppy-drive)

I downloaded the new version from the link in your post, it uninstalled 524 and installed 525 (yes 525 is shown in >About).

I tried again - opening Daminion, closing catalog etc... Daminion still tries to access the floppy drive when the catalog is closed, so I did the simplest thing and dis-activated the floppy disk driver - so that's fixed. However Daminion still opens the previous catalog when loading ... but please don't worry about that KM, it was just an idea for an option - the floppy disk problem WAS a problem !

I've added an option to not open the latest catalog in our feature list (if it was closed before closing the Daminion)


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