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suggestion: change the title drag hotspot


With the release of FF4 and IE9 (and Chrome, but it's always been this way), the hotspot in the upper left corner of those three browsers is used by the program itself. I suggest moving the hotspot to the left of the minimize button. If possible. Frequently when I'm trying to do something in FF or Chrome lately, I accidentally click on the hotspot instead which gets annoying.

I can see how that is annoying. The same problem poses in Office 2010, it has some shortcuts on the left.

To be honest, I think moving the hotspot to the right side really is not a fix, if you have lots of tabs the problem returns. Have you tried using the middle mouse button method? (it works on the whole window!) How about moving to the edge?

I'm really sad that apps are starting to not respect the general interface in windows, and I feel like I should find a better way of launching GridMove, but I'm really out of ideas :(

You're right, after looking at FF4 maximized that right side hotspot won't really work either because FF4 uses almost all of the title bar real estate for tabs etc. Chrome at least leaves about 40px of space between the tabs and the border.

I can't use the middle mouse button method because my middle mouse button is used to toggle scroll wheel mode (Revolution MX).


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