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[freeware]:WikeNotes for you to manage your notes with ease

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WikeNotes is a free and portable tool for you to manage your notes, with it you can

* create note in plain text or html
* insert an image into a note
* paste content from web browser
* manage your notes by tags
* find your notes by typing words

you can minimize it to systray when you don't need it, call it out by hotkey you set.

Demo animation

this looks nice, i'm sure someone will find this useful.. :up:

 :up: Welcome to Donationcoder.

@ahhha: you can also embed the youtube video here..

like this: [youtube]cc9YAlPiEr4[/youtube]

Welcome to DonationCoder! :)

Looks like an interesting and potentially useful addition to a notetaker's toolkit.  :Thmbsup:

Suggestion: provide a link to your web page too? Many of us are leery of links that point directly to an executable download without first knowing a little bit more about who is providing it.  :tellme:

(Sad times we live in that we have to be so cautious.)


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