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What Would Do with a Two Million Dollar Donation

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I would buy a cruise ship with private helicopter and satellite internet link.
Cruise ship so geographical location is flexible, we can pick up and drop off at most major sea-ports, and the helicopter to fetch in the more landlocked members.

$2Mil probably wouldn't buy much of a ship, though...

@app:   :-* :Thmbsup:

Even for day dreaming this post has some strong base.  :up: For example using religious places/charitable trusts/spiritual organization to carry this idea. I do think this idea will be picked up by atleast spiritual places like auroville if coders in that place see it productive. Who thought in 2003 that FSF/GNU/OS will be success that we see today in 2011 ? :)

L. Ron Mouser welcomes you to our community - but first we will need you to spread the word about our DonationCoderology "philoshophy" through the use of "surveys"   :P

 :P :P :P

Sorry, I simply could not resist. I'm sure it'd be NOTHING like that.

Here, have some Kool-Aid  ;)


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