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DONE: abbreviations importer

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no that doesnt work, but it's ok, i will use Ultraedit as my word processor, unicode works well in Ultraedit.

thanks very much again.

I've been doing some tweaking with this script, and it now fully works :)
It also has a new function: it'll create CAPS sensitive hotstrings.
This means that if you have the following line in your in file:

--- ---carm=caramelthere will be created 3 hotstings for this entry:

* carm, which will be replaced by caramel
* Carm, which will be replaced by Caramel
* CARM, which will be replaced by CARAMELI have also tweaked the inner workings of the script, and now it doesn't have any bugs (at least, not that i can find ;) ).

.ahk file:
.exe file:

Carol Haynes:
Don't know how I didn't see this thread before - but this looks really cool !! I'll try it out properly tomorrow.

Carol, I'll eagerly await your opinion!

Wow, all forms of caps/no caps working.  I appreciate so much all your work on this, jgpaiva.  I really do.  Each improvement has been one more step to a really cool program.  I can't wait to get off work this evening and try it out.  You are simply....


Carol Haynes:
Seems to work really nicely. You can even enter other keyboard keys like ENTER (just add {enter}) etc. (For details of all the keys you can use see the AHK help file for the SEND command).

The only 'bug' I have found using it is when you use the GUI element to create the script you have to enter a trigger everytime whereas all the other fields are remembered from the .INI file. Not sure how you can fix that though. If you don't enter a trigger the script generated has quite a bit missing.


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