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DONE: abbreviations importer

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Ah!  The final version is a lot better, in fact!  I too had noticed, after my last post, that there was a bit of funny behavior.  Actually, I didn't mind the string being deleted so much (it would also disappear before hitting the trigger, so to speak), but if there was atl=at this level , then, when trying to type something like atlanta, you couldn't actually do it without hitting the end key or something, there was interference.  That's gone now.  I am very happy.  Please consider this the last "fix."  I ended up asking for (and getting!) more than I had originally intended.  This looks really, really good.  I'm deeply grateful for the work put into it, jgpaiva. 

rjbull, thanks for your input.  (Not to claim that I understand the language part, you understand).  Do I actually remember them all?  No way.  That's why I use what to me, is the best expander out there.  It's called Instant Text.  It has incredible abilities, such as coming up with continuations of your phrases, and a whole lot more.  Maybe I'll talk about it in a separate post at some time, since this is a place for software talk.  But I'm not that sure I know all the rules and ins and outs of DC yet.  Anyway, I don't have to remember.  It has visuals.  Different from tooltips, but visuals.  Also, we try to have "systems" for our phrases.  That's a huge help, too.  Might be more than you want to know, though!   :D

Anyway, I and others I know have had a large interest in AHK for a long time, and the issue of importing so many abbreviations is so big to us, and this script is just so fantastic.  There are features galore transcriptionists like to have, but I personally would never have gotten anywhere near this point, no way.  And it's just very exciting to me.  Having the tooltips thrown in is a joy, pure joy. 

I have not looked at Type Pilot, but of course I will.

Big thanks - again!

Yep, everything seems to be right now. Good to know that! ;)
Just a few notes about the "trigger" field:
- to have the word be immediatelly replaced after you write it, add no trigger.
- to have a space as trigger, put Space in the "trigger" field.
- to have a tab as trigger, put Tab in the "trigger" field.
- to have a comma (,) as trigger, put `, in the "trigger" field.
- tiggers like LWin (for the left windows key) or LCtrl (for the left ctrl), can also be used.  For a complete list of the possible trigger keys, check Most of the keys featured at this list should work as triggers.

(BTW, did you try the repeated entries search on that huge file you have? I'm curious if it works in an acceptable time.)
Oh, and another thing: With the latest version of ahk, you don't get the "repeated hotstrings" error, it simply uses the last hotstring found on the file. So, be carefull as the script might work, but some of the hotstrings can be ignored if you don't check for repeated entries first.

Repeated Entries worked like a charm!  On that text file which was 35 pages in MS Word (in small font size, mind you), it found them.  I didn't time it, but I'd say 2 minutes, maybe.  I knew to wait, and then it popped up a message box telling me that the following strings were repeated (and listed them).

It is wonderful to have all those trigger choices!  Tomorrow, I think I'm going to check each one of them out, definitely the most common ones people might choose.  I had it in my mind one couldn't choose space.  I personally wouldn't want to use space, but others might.  These options just make it more cool.   :)

this might be a good chance to remind people that when you see a little green $ next to someone's name (like the one next to jgpaiva's name) you can make a donation to them if you want to thank them for help or for coding something, etc.

by supporting those who help out and contribute to the site, we will make the site a more useful place for everyone, and ensure that it continues to improve.  remember that your donations are not just rewards for work well done, but think of it as funding continued furture work and support.


The first program I ever learnt - I started in late 1988 - was a mid-period version of the best DOS shareware word processor, PC-Write.  I still use a later version today.  PC-Write has what it calls "shorthand expansion," which is very like AHK hotstrings, though naturally limited to the program.  It's easy to remember ones I use frequently, but not so the rare ones, and there were times when I wanted a point-and-shoot means of adding boilerplate text.  In my case, that's normally short phrases, words I often mis-spell, and bibliographic references so I get them in consistent format.  I never found a freeware or shareware one, and didn't discover commercial medical transcription text expanders until far too late.  In retrospect I could probably have used the DOS macro program Newkey in earlier days, but it doesn't work very well in a Windows DOS box.

Recently, I find that under Windows2000 at least, AHK hotstrings work even in a DOS box (which is now an emulation apparently, not "real" DOS).  It isn't perfect if you insist on using DOS programs, but it does mean I can port the relevant bits of my shorthand expansion file into AHK to make it available to other programs, both DOS and Windows.  This is a great convenience, or it will be when I get round to doing it, but I'd still like a point-and-press pop-up so I can access less frequently-used phrases.  Hence, I'd certainly be interested to hear about Instant Text, when you a moment.

As for the "language bit," it seemed a pity for jgpaiva to build a new tool when (with a small amount of augmentation) ones already exist to do the job, and might even be faster on big files.  However, as an old-tyme DOS hand, that's just the way I'm used to working.


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