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DONE: abbreviations importer

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I didn't time it, but I'd say 2 minutes, maybe.-Harrie (March 02, 2006, 07:41 PM)
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2 minutes? That's way too much... I'm sure there's some tools for that that would work faster.
But still, it's good to know it worked! ;)
I don't know if you've read the code, but it's very simple, and the problem there is that the algorithm makes the file be read from the beggining to the end lots of times, and that takes too much time.
There are better ways to do it, but they would be too complex for the real use this tool has.

Two minutes may be way too long in a programmer's opinion, jgpaiva, but to be able to do that to port to AHK is nothing but heaven for us.  The alternative is, entering them all in manually (yeah, right).........or doing a large-scale find and replace operation, which, in the format the hotstrings come out in the latest version, well, I'm not sure it could be done, or how.  So I have no reason to angst over two minutes.

rjbull, I read your post with great interest, and I'll definitely make a separate post about Instant Text, and ask you some questions I have.  Usually, I find non-MTs have no interest in this, not really, so I'm happily surprised!  Thanks a lot for sharing.

Edit:  Wow, it works off a USB stick just fine, and it works in WPDOS.51 off that stick! 

I'll definitely make a separate post about Instant Text, and ask you some questions I have.  Usually, I find non-MTs have no interest in this, not really, so I'm happily surprised!
-Harrie (March 03, 2006, 07:34 AM)
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I have to abstract lots of journals, hence I find this kind of tool useful.  Apart from PC-Write's built-in feature, the only one I've tried myself is AHK, apart from a very quick dabble with PowerPro.  That is an impenetrable program, except that text snippets are the easiest part of it.  They're attached to buttons rather than hotstrings (I daresay you can have those too, but I never got that far).

I hadn't realised the quality of Instant Text when I first posted.  I see it costs $189, and if price is anything to go by, it should be good!  The ColorPilot one is only about $25 (from memory).  The author of the KeyNote organizer/outliner recommends IntelliComplete, which is about $50.  IntelliComplete is here

In his smallwares list, MarkTAW
says he uses PC Magazine's RoboType for standardized text like signatures and bits of code.  You have to pay an low-cost annual subscription to access PC Magazine utilities, but subsequent use is free (i.e., I think, subscribe for a year, grab what you want, and use if forever without further payment).

Of course, the good thing about AHK is that's it's completely free (with donation possible) and hotstring files are simple plain text, which makes them very easy to share, though AHK hotstrings on their own don't have a point-and-shoot interface.  Also they won't work on Win9x, if anyone but me is still a dinosaur   8)

<later>  as well as the ColorPilot ones mentioned in an earlier post, here's another
SuperKeys  $10 *donationware*  :)

great script!! thumbs up.

can you pls support unicode? i try to add this:


it wont work in firefox and notepad, it only works in Ultraedit.

in firefox:
DONE: abbreviations importer

in ultraedit:
DONE: abbreviations importer

thank you.

Good to know there are others interested in this coding snack too!
I've been testing and updating HotString Script Creator with Harrie, so it's prety much complete now.

- added "about/donate" button and dialog.
- search for repeated entries is now integrated in the main script
- there is a progress bar when looking for repeated entries (to avoid comeone thinking that the computer might have crashed ;) )
- trigger function is fixed (it works now, but Harrie reported a bug i still couldn't fix)
- added "esc" key functionality in the main screen
- lowered the keysending time, now hotsrings are replaced faster
- added traytip with "file creation ended" because sometimes it takes time to create the file, and that could be the origin for some problems
- added function that when you write an abbreviation in CAPS, the replacement is in CAPS

When you can test it, i'd be very thankful if you could post your comments here!
(post above updated with new version)


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