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The March 2011 6th Anniversary Fundraiser Has Begun! Cheer for Victory Thread

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I wonder how close to $14,000 we can still get in the upcoming 24 hours... 8)

All this donating temporarily broke the thermometer!  :huh:

fun_razor.c:993 in function get_rich() fund_alloc() temporary money counter overflow: ETOOMUCHCASH

or something like that. I haven't programmed c in a VERY long time.

Ok it's official, we have just broken our very intimidating fundraising record from 2009 of $13,838.  I didn't think there was a chance in hell of that happening when we started, what with the global economy being the way it is.

It's all thanks to the amazing and generous and encouraging people who have made DC possible since it's start.  It's a great day for DC.  Thank you to everyone who has donated now and in the past.

Make that a wopping $14,025 right now. Woot! :-*


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