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Power Ranger Punches Kid for Accusing Him of Stealing Gloves

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Form the thread in the second link -

Hey guys,
Its JDF first thank you to my team and everyone who ‘KNOWS ME” first of all it DID NOT GO DOWN as it reads. That is NOT true. Let me shed some light on the situation. First everyone had my guys losing across the board including cage door but both my fighters WON Kolton and Ramero did GREAT. We were in celebration mode. Everyone knows emotions are on a high. Then this guy came out and asked for the gloves back. I didn’t have them!! Neither did my fighter, he kept on and on and on . I said I don’t have them bro. Then started to celebrate again with ramero. Then again Louder and louder . JASON , JASON , JASON its always a F***** Problem with you and gloves. that’s NOT true I know mick if I wanted them I would pay for them, Micks good to me. Well as I was celebrating AGAIN he mouthed off and offended me by saying Jesus Didn’t Tap and Jesus don’t steal. I heard this I was mad but he was gone. So again went back to tell ramero how he dominated that fight. Then he shows up AGAIN. Now here is where you all have to think!!!! First now im upset for being accused of stealing time and time again. Lets think about this guys. Ok say you go to Mc Donald’s ( using this as a example ) and you are so upset and you go to a employee and say with a stern Direct voice” Hey you forgot my Fries” hes wearing a Uniform ( like this guy had on ) you expect to get the “ Customers always right theory. But instead the dude JUMPS the counter gets in your face too and starts saying get the F*** out of my face …look how big you are you gonna hit me Mother F**** HUH HUH get the F**** out of my don’t want NO PART in me ..He starts popping his chest out and you tell the guy don’t Touch me ….Dont touch me man or ill reacted!! He pushed me and I reacted with ONE punch .. This dude plays the victim. I didn’t NOT hit him more then one time and I reacted to his push PERIOD!!! He was representing Legacy.. All he had to do was get Mick that’s all .. But instead says insulting things about Me , Jesus didn’t tap and turned “ Gangster “ well the point I learned growing up from my Father is NO ONE , I mean NO ONE has a right to lay one finger on YOU!! All these people that say you would turn the other cheek even AFTER someone lays there hands on you ,you LIE!!! Im a customer to Legacy I sold Tickets and have fighters on most of the cards. So maybe HIRE someone who can Handle that job.. And to mick for saying I Punched a Kid come on man hes 22 .. look what my 17 Year old did to a growing man on your show .. age has nothing to do with it!!!!
Thank you,
This will be my LAST post …..

PS I have at Least 6 People of Witness this!! And all said maybe the guy will learn a lesson!-
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Not exactly sure why I'm posting this though :D

This is turning into an MMA thread.

Paul Keith:
I can't hear the youtube audio right now, so this post might be redundant (but still might be useful for others who can't or don't want to wade through a vid)...

I don't know if this is accurate, but it seems to fit and seems a pretty likely explanation of the phrase:
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Close but the video explains the inspiration behind the phrase.

Since when is a 22 year old man a "kid"? And the guy is an actor who used to play a Power Ranger. He wasn't officially working under the Power Ranger brand.

Misleading headline, without which nobody would care about this story.
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True the headline can be less sensationalistic especially about the kid but you do realize the Green Power Ranger, despite not being officially working as a Power Ranger, is THE most popular Power Ranger of all time?

It's like saying Arnold isn't the Terminator because he's not playing the Terminator anymore.

Form the thread in the second link -
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Yep. To be fair though, it's not confirmed and there are lots of questionable statements on both sides so it's not set in stone that this is what really happened.


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