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LATEST LaunchBar Commander VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.154.01 - Nov 17, 2018

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New minor release - mostly to address the issues raised by others here on the forum.  Most involve the virtual folder system.

Try the new "Divide Letter Groups" option when you have big virtual folders, i find it helps to make large lists of files and folders more manageable:

I've been working for days on a new update; there are really no new features just a lot of bug fixes and tweaking.

Anyone who wants to stress test it, i'd love to have reports on it:

But please do back up your launch bar files first, just in case.

I'll post an official beta soon.

v1.60.03 - 11/18/06
· When you drag and drop nodes between DIFFERENT files it will now default to a COPY operation not a move (you can override by holding CTRL to force a copy operation or SHIFT to force a MOVE operation).
· Added option in file node for configuring different confirmation levels for saving file changes.
· Several improvements in backup/save procedures designed to minimize the possibility of a crash during save corrupting any data, and make it highly likely that a backup will exist if your launchbar file gets fubar.
· Bugfix: An error message could be generated when clicking on a menu item, due to a mistaken toggle button link id#.
· Improved save procedure on exit.
· Improved save confirmation dialogs.
· Dragging and dropping a shortcut on a bar offered choice of linking to shortcut but ignored this choice and always linked to real file; fixed.
· Fixed bug that could cause crash if you close files/nodes that are showing on a docking bar on screen while you are editing it (docking bars now close while you edit preferences).
· You can now drag and drop file order in tree (i dont know why you would want to do that, but at least it doesnt crash like before)
· You can now drop tree files onto tree to load them.
· Bugfix: images could become temporarily mis-assigned when closing files.
· Added a backup reminder feature on first use.
· Added ability mark files as read-only so they will never be saved accidentally.
· Bugfix: canceling an exit from configuration screen could hang program.
· Changed special folders to have the form %SPECIALNAME% for easier identification.
· Internal file format upgraded (will notify you on loading old files) to speed up special folder access somewhat and speed up hiding of missing files.
· Bugfix: Folder icons weren't displaying in last version.
· Bugfix: .tmp files were not being deleted on successful save.
· Included HamRadio's awesome Icon Set #0 dll (thanks HamRadio) <---- NICE !!!
· New improved icon image selection mechanism.
· You can now cancel an icon change and it will revert to previous icon.
· You can now manually set the imageid for an item (useful for cloning images from other nodes).
· Added Help item to popup+tray menu.

updated sat, nov 18th.  whew.
im going to make this official in the next couple of days - would appreciate any bug reports.

the icon selection is a but nicer now i think, as well as better undo/cancelation of icon changes.

thanks to HamRadio for provide a nice custom icon set.

Ok v1.60.06 is now official (still beta), and is a highly recommended update for all users.

Although it doesn't include many new features, it includes numerous bugfixes.

As always, do yourself a favor and backup your launchbars occasionally!


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