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March 2011 Fundraiser Celebration -- Pledges?

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What nice fellows you are!-cranioscopical (February 21, 2011, 07:20 PM)
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Mouser is the better one :)

SpoilerThese times... I had 10 TC licenses for DC giveaway but I had also had some DC credits and friend's birthday coming along. So I had asked mouser to cash credits out and buy additional TC key. Mouser asked why don't I take 1 from 10 and just give it right away. After me saying "it ain't right, bro", mouser had found out he has a hearth and felt deeply touched so... he gave my credits back for me being so noble. :)

So, do you consider that most of the money donated to the site that's 'in circulation' between members is, in reality, already donated to the site?

Let me put that another way, if everyone holding Donation Credits allocated those to the site during the drive would that be nothing more than an empty gesture? Last time around, in order to move the thermometer we had to put in 'new' money.
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what we say on the donationcredits page is that if your donationcredits go unused for over a year, they revert to a site donation.  i think if anyone objected to that there would be no reason not to give them back -- the point is simply that many people donate to the site and never explicitly give their donationcredits away and we do consider these to default to site fund donations.

but more to your second question -- the fundraiser thermometer in the page only counted new donations into the site, and did not distinguish between donations that went into the site fund and those that went to a specific member on the site.  you can see that is different in spirit to the idea of counting only donations into the site fund, and doing so regardless of whether its a new donation or transfer of donationcredits.

from my standpoint i guess i prefer the fundraiser thermometer to show new money coming into the site regardless of who it goes to.  that's not to say that people sending money to the site fund isn't important, it's just to say that i would rather see new money from new members come in -- i think that's more healthy -- and i would like to see the hardcore long time involved members donate directly to members of the site that they know are producing good stuff (people writing coding snacks and mini reviews, and nany participants, etc.)

does that make sense?

superboy, your post might get a lot of debate, let's move it to someplace else -- a new thread, so it doesnt disrupt the fundraising/pledge thread ok?
here might be a better place:

- I assumed it was more like a fundraiser where you got sponsorship or something.
-timns (February 21, 2011, 03:28 PM)
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That was my thought when I used the word pledge.

Heres an idea for you guys:

How about if we had the fundraiser items (Reviews, Coding Snacks etc) all posted into a special area, that only those who have pledged (and submitted one pledge to mouser, or a Fundraiser admin for sumittion into the area) and those who have donated in the month of March; can access.

This area will be something like the area that is currently only available for anybody with the "Supporting Member" title, and will act as sort of a "Pre-Release Room".  Once the fundraiser has finished, one whole month will pass before the posts go public (May 1st).

This will act as an incentive for people to both Donate, AND Pledge!


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