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Firefox 5 to be released only 5 months after firefox 4 goes gold

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I guess firefox 3.6 suffers from plugin_container.exe issue. That could be one problem firefox taking more resources and slow startup.

yeah, definitely to do with extensions and not the machine. you can test this yourself using a clean profile of FF; start it up instead of your usual extension filled profile and there's an obvious difference.

Don't know how much plugins add to startup time but disable them anyway Visualizing Firefox Plugins Memory Consumption Firefox needs an interface to deal with plugins, they are still installed behind users back. No way to block all new installs in about:config or anything. I have only seen one attempt to control the bastards Plugins Toggler

Mozilla is obsessed with startup time - almost as much as with html5 benchmarks. 4 will probably be faster than 3.

They actually say

Ship Firefox 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2011 calendar year
--- End quote ---

in the official roadmap page Seems like they were drunk when writing that but of course a 4.01 can be called 5, 4.02 6.

I just upgraded to FF 4 today.  I have to admit it seems a lot less sluggish coming up off the HD.  Still not snappy like Chromium.  But for only running one process it ain't bad.

edit: hmm, just tried to bring it up while another program was making moderate use of the HD.  Like 3.x it's really slow getting off the dime.  Chromium just snaps open even on my 2 GB ram PC.

edit: experimentation shows it was Speed Dial bogging it badly.  I've removed it from both Chromium and Firefox.  It's a bit inconvenient not having the large graphics to select from.  But so is waiting for the thing to load. I'll just have to get by with bookmarks. :)

Firefox 5 is out.

Press Release (?):


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