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Windows standard beep ("ding") when changing between screenshots

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Jesper Hertel:
You guys suffering from it could confirm that it's not screenshot captor specific by opening up windows explorer and selecting items through it.
-mouser (February 10, 2011, 08:10 PM)
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I have only found the problem in ScreenshotCaptor. There is no similar beep in Windows Explorer or any other program I use.

Jesper Hertel:
I would like to see other victims run Process Monitor when clicking.
-Bamse (February 10, 2011, 08:22 PM)
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Also same here. When I first ran in to the problem I tried all sorts of changes, for mouse/keyb, changes in ease of access center, even folder settings. Nothing helped. I was about to say I have 102 processes running right now so don't mind a strange filename but remembered I have done no-nonsense/only SC running basic troubleshooting before.

Could it be a language/regional issue? I also tried changing keyb. to other lingo I think. I just noticed that Jesper Hertel seem to be Danish so we have language settings in common.

Thank God and Jesper for that pic  :D

Ok for the fun of it let's try a version of Screenshot Captor with an embedded manifest (hopefully if i did it right) that tells it to use version 6 of the microsoft common controls, as suggested in that article:

ps. for those of you who recently downloaded from the beta link, please carefully watch when the installer runs and make sure it says in the first page of the installer that it is installing v2.90.01 -- otherwise you have cached version of the download.

let me know if that miraculously solves the beep.

It seems very clear that the article Bamse found is the root explanation for the beep.

I see more discussions of this problem all over:

And official MS bulletin about it:

Furthermore it seems to affect Vista only (or primarily), and all the sufferers on this thread are using Vista.  So this is definitely the problem.

Now I won't comment on the wisdom of sticking with Vista except to say that everyone seems to agree Windows 7 is a huge improvement.

It should be possible for me to fix Screenshot Captor to avoid this Vista "bug" -- if the manifest trick doesnt work i will try something else.


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