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which is more important, system ram or video ram?

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4 is enough but I am confident your Gigabyte support x6. Even my old GA-MA790FX-DS5 does. They are good with bios updates. I did not take advantage of that for long but one of the positive things with AMD is you can start with a Sempron and end up with X6 on same motherboard, using same DDR2 ram as well.

One thing that annoys me about 965 is the lousy std. cooler. I guess they figured most will never tax all cores so why not save money on that. May be also a matter of bios and rpm management but mine was over sensitive. Reacted instantly to even minor tasks. Was also not comfortable doing stress-tests, temp got a bit high. Over their recommend max actually. Was better when I used cpu on that old motherboard because rpms were insane, up to 7500rpm if I remember correctly. Newer max was 3500 regardless of bios settings. Open the door for problems and strange bug reports, when some say cpu overheat with no overclocking they could be right. I think 7500rmp is the correct number once all cores are hard at work - which is like never but encoding videos can do it. 3500 is fine for games and such. Also possible 7500 was a bios bug, seems to fit cooling need in extreme situations better though.

If Intel can change vm support randomly AMD can also silently change or fix cooler. What you get might work better.


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