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Web Media Server ?

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I am looking for a media server app that I can install on my apache server. I have tried Jinzora and Ampache they did not seem like anything I am interested in plus they do not seem to be active. I want to be able to stream and serve music and video. Hopefully the server is not picky about the formats of the source media files as well since I have mix bag of media files and formats.

Also my server runs on Xampp for Windows so the file-folder paths so the server should have no problem with windows paths.


Btw I have tried couple fancy standalone open source media servers. I hated them mainly because I have found the interfaces to be cumbersome, the scond reason is that they pull data from internet and replace album covers etc which I hated. And for some reason none of the ones I have tried offer a way to disable such silly features. I am happy with my own album covers and no need to be replaced.

Have you looked at SHOUTcast?


I did in the past , and I actually streamed music but what I need is a server, not just streaming certain playlist. Unless I am missing some new features?

Did you ever consider Windows Home Server. You can download a 120-day full feature eval copy (or the latest beta) from Microsoft.

Pogoplug is another option. Very inexpensive, very cool piece of tech. Streams media plus a whole lot more. Why reinvent the wheel when you could be doing something more interesting?


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