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A long, long time ago (2002 feels like a long time ago, anyway), I wrote a little tray app called Screen Saver Toggle. It worked well enough, but time revealed some issues which, with the passage of a great deal more time, I got around to addressing. And here 'tis.

It does what you would expect from the name, blocks/unblocks the screensaver; it was originally unique in that it was the only utility like this (that I knew of) that did the job simply and quickly, one click and you were done. Nowadays there are several similiar apps that are just as quick and easy. Nevertheless, I'm still fond of the ol' app, so I updated it.

It has retained the 'simple and quick' characteristics, and done them one better: mouse-o-phobic users can call it from scripts now to toggle it or force the screensaver, or whatever, which means it can be tied to a hotkey, or made part of a command file sequence of events.

thanks for sharing! this will come in handy in due time, i guess. :up:


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