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Blekko Search Engine: Adding a Human Touch to Eliminate Spam from Search Results

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I just gave blekko another try after leaving it for a couple of months. They are getting there. Lots more editors now, and I think they're looking for more.

I signed up quite early and got myself a T-shirt for my efforts  8)

Skrenta said. “If you have the set of the top 150 health sites, you know what, you really can answer nearly any health question, and you know what, you really don’t want to be searching outside of that set.”
--- End quote ---

But who decides which sites make it into the set and which sites don't make the cut?

Sounds to me like they're censoring the internet but using PR to make us all believe that's a good thing. :-\ Sounds like something Apple would try to pull off.

I'm quite happy with DuckDuckGo and - sometimes - Yippy right now. Tried blekko, found its basic ideas interesting, but wasn't convinced of its search results. That said, I defined some slashtags for every now and then.


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