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iPad2: alternative to Stanza?

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The biggest issue I have is that I got most of my books I read in stanza from somewhere other than an organized store, so most of them didn't have the book information.  I entered all of them at varying times over a year.  I was almost done!

...and now I'm back to square one...  :'(

I have the metadata pretty well nailed down in Calibre, and it shows just fine when I use Stanza to browse the booklist from Calibre... but it seems like Calibre only keeps the metadata in it's own database files, and doesn't update the PDF files. Very good default choice (lots of DIEDIEDIE to applications that touch my files without asking), but I'd like an option(*) to update the PDFs - because once in Stanza, some of them have reeeeeally cruddy metadata :)

(*): option might be hiding somewhere right under my nose :-)


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