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Darwinism + geneticism + two-wheeled vehicles = ... awesomeness.

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No clue what it is called but it is awesome.

Just open it and let it run for as long as possible. Survival of the fittest will determine which cars survive. Lower the mutation rate to try more variations of successful cars from the previous generation, and crank it up to get some fresh mutations that are totally wacko. :)

It's surprising how awesome it is to just watch that thing crank out weird contraptions.

Edit: I can't remember where I found this link. I hope I didn't find it on DoCo or DoCo's IRC... if I did, I'm sorry for (double)posting someone elses find. :-[

It looks fun, but what's the parameter used to determine when a new car is generated?

Every contraption I've seen so far seems to "survive" for a mere couple of seconds :( - IMHO the stopping parameter should be "hasn't moved for n seconds", whereas it seems to currently be pretty much random.

Love it -- great find.

For those who aren't familiar with this kind of work, check out Genetic Algorithm or Genetic Programming research.

Yeah, I agree, it restarts way quicker than it ought to imo. It seems to have to do with movement being around 0 and a part of the chassis touching the ground. Sadly I don't think you can change it. :(

Wait a couple of generations, till 5 or so, then you start to see actual progress being made.

ooh, i like this. but, i agree. the little beasts are being exterminated too quickly.


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