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Any Good & Safe Free Movie Sites Beside StageVu?

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Notice:  While I have no direct experience, I have been advised  StageVU is a pirated movie site. 
FWIW, most if not all, are not real good quality, so that may be why they are not shut down.  This is not a defense or endorsement, but a personal observation.

I would appreciate any links to other gratis-oriented sites or links to previous DC threads.  Registration is Ok as long as it is legitimate and isn't just harvesting email addresses.

I have used as a resource for locating movies.  I have discovered some real flops there, but also some real gems too!  :)


Deozaan: has TV shows and movies as well as original (made just for Crackle?) shows.

Renegade: has some.

Here's another:

List of free movies.

Towards the end of the page, there are links to a bunch of free Movie Sites

You could check these two as well, especially the first one - more than 400,000 items, many for free download - :
Documentary Heaven


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