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Mylife Oragnized: is it still being developed?


I'm migrating from ListPro to MLO and would like to know if this app is still developed at all? The Google group seems obsolete and with no recent updates. I'm seeking ideas as to ...

- Is this app still developed?
- an alternatives in this category that provide the following ...
 - hierarchy of tasks in tree style.
 - search as you type
 - custom fields

Thank you.

I haven't used MLO for a while, but I still get daily updates from their Google Group, so it is definitely getting posts there. From what I have read it certainly sounds like they are still developing the programs offered there. IIRC there was a bit of spirited discussion there last year about going to an online subscription model, though I believe it was a voluntary thing, not mandated.


They have a roadmap dated 9/16/2010 up on their website.

They're also offering a web based sync service and have mobile versions for all the major smart phones. The iPhone version got accepted into Apple's App Store just last December.

Sure looks to be in active development. :)


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