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DONE: RandomPlayer - play a mp3 file at (almost) random intervals

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I hope the problems with the "sleep" function are gone, after my bug fix.

The issue with the locked file should be resolved now, with using "Soundplay,...,wait".

I've added the "repeat last sound" function in the tray menu, and also made "stop sound" and "force next". "force next" will just play the next sound without waiting, but won't do anything while in "sleep mode".

Default tray action (double-click) can be configured in the ini file.

So, that's it with the script. Unless you find a serious bug, I won't touch it again. :-)

Awesome! I'll update right away and will post again should any bug show up.

Thank you, this turned out into a great coding snack!  :up:

I love this little program!  :-*

We could debate if this is a *serious* bug, but IF you ever touch the code again, please fix this:
- "force next song" doesn't override blacklisted processes (there's no way you can *make it* it play the next file while a blacklisted process is active)

There's no need to argue, it's clearly a design bug.  ;)

So, there, here you have it. "Force next" as it should be, ignoring everything and just play the next sound.

It's completely untested, but I hope it works.

A big thank you!


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