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A niche script need


I need a greasemonkey script (or firefox add-on) to remove link trackers from links. Let me tell it with an example:

The link is provided on the page as follows:

I need it to be:

There are numerous tracker sites, so the script I am looking for should be able to handle more than one site, not just the one in the example.

Have you seen any such script?

I have seen extensions that do this and used to have one installed a long time ago that worked quite well (it died some time around the release of FF 2x).

I did find this replacement that I am thinking of trying myself. It gives you a jump option on the context menu.

Thanks fellow oDesker :)

I'd give it a try if I feel desperate enough, but I made a principle of not installing add-ons which were not reviewed by Mozilla.

I'll check LinkJumper's page every now and then to see if it gets reviewed some time in the future.

In the meantime, I ran a new google query with the keywords I took from your tip, and found this one:!#Remove_URL_Redirections

This one does the trick, but it may break google sometime in the future. I'll pass that stream then I suppose.

edit: typo fix

You could make an exception for google links if it does and resort to using this bookmarklet to remove the tracking stuff from google links:

If that breaks at any point, I am sure Krishean will fix it (it's his bookmarklet)


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