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Skwire's DC member site marked as suspicious

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It is an almost generic BlueCoat message - obey warning and blah blah. "INTERNET USAGE IS ROUTINELY MONITORED AND LOGGED." is to scare further attempts and K9 actually does log everything, every connection not just blocked sites! Only Admin can see log so something to remember if whoever ask what computer is used for. Log feature cannot be disabled. This is part of "coaching", does not mean there are deeper local thoughts behind it, basis is still same filtering databases everyone else uses. If local powers are interested in spying/total control they will not only use K9 but stuff like Spector 360 May be they do already. K9 not without tricks though Speed Bump is typical IT evilness, heh.

Sounds like they might be after breaches in company policy rather than malware.
-J-Mac (January 14, 2011, 12:25 AM)
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They don't really care, truthfully, other than a) policy on inappropriate sites (there was a big stink over pr0n sites a while back, from what I hear), and b) viruses (some virus brought the company to its knees a while back).  As I said, I'm pretty friendly with the admins, and they're more overworked by having a global company supporting a product with real-time 24/7 almost 365 day updates than actual internet usage.  The pay is performance based, so your performance comes out in your pay, rather than someone keeping track of your internet usage.

Should be fixed now.
-Bamse (January 13, 2011, 10:04 PM)
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I'll wait 'til I get back after the holiday to check, though I did receive a similar e-mail.


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