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NANY 2011 Release: Ethervane Radio 0.2.4

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The program doesn't yet have its own web site - that will happen eventually.
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if you want some space on our member server just ask!
-mouser (January 11, 2011, 07:32 PM)
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Thanks, mouser, that's very kind. (I actually still have a login, but never used it.) All I need is time :-)


The radio station was 'Afterhours'. No problem playing this station with RadioSure (also Baas based).
-PhilB66 (January 11, 2011, 07:22 PM)
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OK, I have good news, kind-of. The previous release of ER does not crash in this way. It still won't play the station (in the case of CJFH, the server returns 200 OK, but also sends a redirection URL to the correct playlist file. Browsers handle this situation somehow, ER does not, yet).

But it is clear now that the crashes are caused by some change I've introduced in the last few days, so I will definitely be able to fix the problem. And the stations should eventually be playable.


Tried running it on my Win 7 x64 with "CJFH" station and it also crashed.  It didn't just go away like in XP. Win 7 popped up a screen "Ethervane Radio Has Stopped Working" but it did not have a reason why.
Even after I closed the pop-up the icon is still in the system tray. In fact I now have two icons in the tray since I tried running it twice.  I checked the program folder and do not see a log file.  Would it be different in Win 7?

The crashing bug has been fixed. I couldn't really let it go, so I installed Delphi on the laptop and found the problem. No other changes in this release, but ER should no longer crash/disappear on trying to play a station.

Download link in the top message:;topic=25068.0;attach=54553

Tech note: the error would occur after ER downloaded and analyzed a playlist that appeared to be empty (no valid links to audio streams were found in the playlist). Now ER will no longer crash, but for some stations it still cannot read the playlists properly. The situation with CJFH is a good example: when ER asks for the playlist, the server responds with '200 OK' message, so the body of the response should contain the playlist. Turns out, the body contains a random html web page with a redirection URL (to the real playlist) embedded in a refresh directive. I've never been a web admin, but this is not right: the server's response code contradicts what the server actually does. It's like being told the light is green, when it is actually red. I'll try to handle such pathological cases later.

For now - and here's the reward for having read this far - there is a configuration setting that may let ER play more stations, including the dreaded CJFH and perhaps others that were causing the crashing problem before. Close ER and edit the configuration file (found under "Application Data/ethervane/ethervane radio"); the file is named "ethervaneradio-config.ini". In the file, find the line

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and change it to

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Save the file and restart ER. Now the BASS library will be handling all the playlists requests itself. Normally, ER downloads and parses all playlists, because according to the docs, BASS only supports m3u and pls formats. However, the docs appear to be inaccurate, and BASS supports other popular playlists formats as well, such as asx, so there may be no need for ER to do any handling of playlists directly.

Tried running it on my Win 7 x64 with "CJFH" station and it also crashed.  It didn't just go away like in XP. Win 7 popped up a screen "Ethervane Radio Has Stopped Working" but it did not have a reason why.
-bob99 (January 11, 2011, 09:56 PM)
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Thanks, Bob! I've just posted an updated version that should not crash anymore. More explanation and download link in my post immediately above this one.


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