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Why I Don't Want an iPad for Christmas

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Stoic Joker:
Also a few who can't afford an ipad no matter who says what. Context of why or why not is not always clear.-Bamse (December 22, 2010, 10:12 AM)
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Completely off the chain cost of ownership sounds like a good reason to (not do it) me. You pay $1,000 for a device that you then have to pay, and pay, and pay to use. Oh hell no ... I expect that kind of crap from an auto loan, but a game box isn't supposed to be a major purchase.

I was more hinting at those who have an opinion and those who have an opinion but are open to suggestions ;) Why think about ipad at all? I know nobody will give one to me so not really hard to be holy ;) I would sell it after max. 2 days, promise.

Interesting article.

On thing that always bugs me about Apple products is the unnecessary price hike on what I consider inferior technology (for what else you could get for that kind of money).

The average middle-class American earns maybe $16 an hour after taxes.
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That's almost twice what we make before taxes.

A lot of the iPad's best features need an Internet connection. So if I want to use them wherever I go, I'll want the model with a 3G data plan that works everywhere. And those start at $629, plus at least $15 a month. Total cost: at least $809, plus tax, in the first year, and $989 over two years. This I don't need.
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Anyone know why the Kindle is able to offer free 3G but the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab are not? I'm already paying a monthly subscription for my cell phone and my internet. Why should I have to pay it again to get it on my tablet?

well now,
if you really want to buy me one I wouldnt say no :p :)-tomos (December 22, 2010, 08:05 AM)
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Just tell me where to send it :)


I likely wouldn't kick Joanne Kelly out of bed for eating crackers.  ;)

But I definitely would for booting up an iPad.  :P


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