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Any better Clipboard program.

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-please report back if my memory was right about the trial being nag-free ;-)

Just felt like giving a head's up: after months of searching for an another Clipboard Manager i found one: i.e., Yankee Clipper III WEBSITE:  if their is any Ditto , M8 Free Clipboard, ClipX ,CLCL , Clipomatic and similar clipboard manager Users out their ; he/she should definitely check Yankee Clipper III .  i.m.o=good :)

HALF a zillion, rjbull ;-)-Curt (August 26, 2011, 07:38 AM)
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So modest  ;D

My first concern is if the program is easy to use, and stable.
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These are important points.  I have ClipCache installed, but rarely use it because it tends to crash too often.

CFi ShellToys Clipboard+". I like this one the best.
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I haven't heard of that one before  :o  What do you specially like about it?

My own regular clipboard enhancer is ArsClip.  Basic features are very easy, it has more if I want them, and it's been very stable.  I sometimes use mouser's CHS, which has a different feature set.  When I was at work, I used to use them simultaneously...  Also have a license for ClipMate, but it's not installed at present.  It offered more than I needed and seemed too complex, but has the most features of all.

Though I've tried a couple of other clipboard managers, I haven't found any that I like as much as ClipMate.  One feature that I use a lot and that I haven't found in other programs I've tried is ClipMate's PowerPaste.  It will automatically paste each item from the clipboard in order (ascending or descending) into any document.  It's great for making lists, filling out forms, putting selected paragraphs together, etc.

--ArsClip, oh yeah; JoeJoe has written many a useful program. I was a big fan of his startup delayer, back in the old Win-2000 days, but he failed to upgrade for XP, so I left him for another, that jackass...

ClipMate surely is capable - but it gives me a headache; I think it is messy to look at.

What I like most about CFi is the speed and simplicity. It has what I need. And the very few times that I think I need more, it turns out that I rather will want to miss the extras, than miss CFi. So far it has been rock solid.

CFi is about ShellToys: right-click access to 53 context-sensitive shell extensions, and 25 small special programs like Clipboard+ (CFi is also my clock) - all managed from ShellToys Control Panel. So Clipboard+ is only a part of the bigger program, Shell Toys, but with its own exe file in Start. Sadly CFi will not accept to be delayed. I can not think of any other bad thing to say.


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