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Dooble, Web Browser and more



I didn't know about Dooble, until it was updated yesterday:

Dooble is a platform-independent Open Source Web browser. One of the primary purposes of Dooble is to safeguard the privacy of its users. At its core lies the WebKit engine. A compact and simple code base ensures that both developers and users have access to Dooble's internal functions.
--- End quote ---
Dooble is more than a web browser. Much more!:

# Desktop
Dooble includes a fancy desktop.

# File Manager
An integrated file manager is an elegant necessity.

# FTP Browser
A functional and intuitive FTP browser is included.

# Dooble
Dooble is a beautiful edition to any software library.

--- End quote ---

Did you try it, and have a say?  :tellme:

Nice find Curt and it looks very interesting.  And to think it was released in Jan 2010, it didn't start picking up steam until October.  downloads

great find bro :)

Wow Curt! Great find indeed.

Type is a little small on some websites. (Like DoCo's forum.  ;D ) And the inital font setting is pretty awful until you change to something like Segoe. But after that, it's pretty sweet. Very fast and light feeling. And it handles YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos beautifully.

It even handles the South Park episodes:

I'm very much starting to like this browser. I miss my collection of plugins from FF, but for general purpose "recreational browsing" this looks like a winner.  :Thmbsup:


Addendum: One minor niggle. It doesn't seem to be able to handle PNG files. This is how this post looks in Dooble:

Dooble, Web Browser and more

Cancel that. I just closed Dooble, reopened it and then reloaded the page and now sp.png is displaying correctly. Weird!  :tellme:


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