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Web alternative to Scrapbook extension?

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I'm looking for a web app service that allows me to save complete webpages for future use (things like tutorials etc) so that they can be accessed after the original site has gone. I was originally using Scrapbook and Zotero but I do not want to deal with the hassles of a desktop software product, plus I want to access it from 2 pcs (bonus for iphone access). Any ideas?

In case you don't know any of these programs, you 'bookmark' a page and the contents of the page + all assets get saved and can be viewed again at a later date. It's also important to find keywords through all saved pages with a single search. Usually there are groups or catagories to relate multiple captures together.

Anyone has experience with ? You can bookmark unlimited pages but cache only 5 a month for free - or unlimited for $20 a year which is not bad.

have u tried using dropbox as a location for your scrapbook data ?

Basically the same is an extension called Scrapbook Plus

Yes that was my original plan and next day Scrapbook had lost all pages, which has never happened to dropbox. Pointing scrapbook again to the dropbox folder did not retrieve the pages, problems with syncing is one of the reasons for using a centralized (thus online) system.

Tried Evernote? Anything wrong with it?


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