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IDEA: Windows Start Menu manager

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I don't think there's a good start menu manager out there (that I've seen at least).  I know that you can do this using a regular file manager and just move the shortcut files around, but it would be nice to have a tool specifically for this.  Some programs are in the All Users folder and some programs are in your specific login directory.  I'm looking for something that can easily move things back and forth and add items easily.  Also, have several options including one that will APLHABETIZE the list, and maybe some other options for sorting.

I've tried a couple of programs that do this, sort of, (I don't remember them right now).  But they weren't very good at all.  Usually, when I do this now, I just use Directory Opus and have two panes open and start moving the shortcuts back and forth.

Other nice features would be:
--Saving certain configurations, in case you want to have things arranged multiple ways
--Right-click option to quickly add shortcuts to exactly where you want in a start menu
--Profile synchronizer, in case you want to make a few user profiles the same, etc.

Anyway, that's it.

Windows Start Menu manager?
Use Farr!  :tellme: :tellme:
You'll never want to use start menu again ;)

actually it's a nice idea to have a good start menu tweaker tool.. but it would have to be done carefullly; messing up someone's start menu would really be a disaster.

Well, I do use FARR...
Actually, you have a good point.  I haven't used Start Menu much since FARR.  But having a bunch of stuff in there still bothers me.  Hmmm....I have to think about this.  Seriously, why do I need this if I have FARR?  I'm beginning to think that this is kind of a worthless idea.

I'm beginning to think that this is kind of a worthless idea.
-superboyac (February 16, 2006, 07:24 PM)
--- End quote ---
It's not that worthless, it actually makes much sense for those who don't know/like farr (i.e., those who don't know it exists ;) ). And also for users that use both farr and the start menu. (Although i can't quite understand how that's possible ;) )


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