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64 bit version of eject cd and close cd


Would it be possible to get a 64 bit version of eject cd and close cd? Just tried them in Windows 7 64 Home Premium and it corrupted my dvd drive. And they did not actually open or close the tray. I assume it is a 64 bit problem. I do not have a 32 bit Win 7 to try them on. I had to remove the upper filters within the registry to fix it. (Google code 39 for cd drive if you don't know what I mean. I find the eject cd very useful especially on laptops where that little eject button is hard to find. Thanks!

Stoic Joker:
The code 39 issue is typically caused by a bad burning software uninstall (which is strangely common).

Opening and closing the tray is a straight API call that doesn't require adding/removing/changing anything. And a 32-bit utility for that should work just fine on a 64-bit machine.

There's a 32-bit utility for that on my website that I wrote years ago, it's not very polished but it works fine on my 64-bit machine. So it seems unlikely (impossible really) that Skrommel's utilities would cause that type of issue.

Yes, not my 1st time encountering the code 39 problem, so I keep the fix instructions on hand. However this was a brand new clean install with no burning software ever installed. I copied the eject cd onto my desktop and clicked on it and nothing. I then went to My Computer so I could right click on the cd drive and see if the eject option worked there. When I got there, the cd drive was nowhere to be seen. Device manger pointed me the rest of the way towards diagnosing. I will see if I can repeat the issue and check event viewer logs and post back here any results. Give me a few days. In any case, EjectCD did not work on an HP dv6-3120us laptop with Win 7 64 Home Premium, but still it is one of my favorite snacks. Thanks!

As a diagnostic you could try my Tray program. It's a 32 bit compiled AutoIt3 script:

I use it all the time on Vista64 and Windows Seven 32 bit. AutoIt3 has a built in function(which I'm sure as SJ says, just calls an API) to open/close the tray.

Ok, false alarm here. I tried the EjectCd again on the same laptop and now it is working good. The drive must have already been corrupted the first time I tried it; that's why the EjectCD did not work. Still have no idea what corrupted my dvd drive as there was no installing or uninstalling of any burning software. Anyhow the eject is now working perfect in Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks again!


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