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IDEA: Lock icons in place on desktop

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I want a simple program that can lock all icons on my desktop to their current position. My daughter is learning to use a computer and it is annoying when she moves all my icons trying to double click on her dora the explorer game icons. Any ideas for this?

i've seen some freeware tools that do this.. i'll try to remember the names if no one beats me to it.

LuckieDIPS 2.0 OpenSource, german language

WinTidy 2.0 Free for member or find it whit google (or ask me),4149,17748,00.asp

Two file from "MS Ressource Packs"
or e.g.

Step 1
to C:\Windows\System\ (Win9x/XP)
or to C:\WINNT\System\ (WinNT/2000)

Step 2
Execute the LAYOUT.REG.

Step 3
Context menu from "My Computer"
'Save Desktop Icon Layout'
'Restore Desktop Icon Layout'

or maybe
Iconoid  -
Icon Phile
PowerPro -

wintidy was the one i was thinking of.

another lightweight icons' position saver... Iconicity

--- ---Iconicity a Shell Extension to Align, Save and Restore Desktop Icon positions.


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