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DONE: Date/Time and Battery Status Bar

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rsatrioadi, is there any chance we could talk on IRC? To be honest, I am pretty clueless where to find the error as I can't reproduce it, and while I have a tiny inkling of things I could try to change, I might have a bit more luck in a direct conversation to zero in on the issue.

nice work, worstje! it runs fine on my netboook.. :Thmbsup:

I believe I fixed the bug, and then some.

Teensymon v0.3.1 can be found in the Teensymon open directory.

Changes:  (mostly for my own memory if problems persist; I've been too lazy to set up source control or backups. :-\)

* Fixed: check against a (dis)charge rate reported as 0. (Although the Windows API documentation implies that should never be returned.. which is likely the reason only some computers with some batteries have it, depending on the exact model of battery in their computer.)
* Fixed: popup menu memory leak
* Extra sanity protection: clearing battery buffers before requesting data
* Change: the date format now matches the request from the original user.
Whenever I find time for v0.4 is when I'll add some sort of configuration file so people can properly adjust stuff without me needing to hardcode things. But with two NANY submissions that still need a fair bit of attention, I'm not diving into all those details for now. :)

Sorry for late reply, I was out for business lunch  :-[

v0.3.1 now works fine both in my win Vista work station and my win 7 netbook, great job! :Thmbsup:
(On a side note, I've really never been on IRC :P)

Once again I thank you worstje for your great work and the rest of DC for your suggestions :)

Two more things:

First, since the bar width is dynamic (e.g. when the battery is fully charged, it shrinks because it no longer shows the time remaining) and I am using it on the rightmost of the screen (under the min/max/close buttons as you suggested), perhaps you can make the bar to align to the right?

Second, since I rarely use mice when using a netbook and the touch pad doesn't have a middle button, perhaps I can use something like Ctrl+left click to temporarily hide the bar instead of middle click?

Thank you :)


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