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Some thumbs up for C++


This is an interesting blog post, Green Computing with C++, about some real world projects which moved away from language X to re-implement their software in C++ and saw huge performance improvements.

Have you heard of green computing? It’s basically the concept of lowering the energy requirements of computers in order to reduce the carbon footprint of datacenter operations and desktop/mobile applications
--- End quote ---

Disclaimer: this isn't meant as flame bait, I know there is no one best language, but still sometimes it can be good to highlight concrete examples from industry. Also the author is clearly pro C++, so there is inevitably more emphasis it's strengths, for example in another post he goes to town on a C++ Hater (also a good read).

Thanks for pointing that out. I kind of like that guy. Although he writes: This kind of C++ hating gets me fired up and defensive
--- End quote ---
he stays surprisingly calm and objective when responding to comments on his own blog (on the C++ hater post you pointed out).

I have to admit that I am very surprised about Evernote re-implementing their Windows application in C++, when I would have expected that for desktop applications C# / WPF is the way to go nowadays. I would really be interested in what technology they used for the GUI. Unfortunately, the question (asked in the comments) was never answered.


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