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avast 5 with latest virus definitions finds trojan inside this program ?


Could anyone explain it to me ?

hi azotyp, welcome to the site.

well, this is an easy one.. it's a harmless false alarm.

in fact its complaining about a shortcut to the microsoft speech control panel -- it's not even a program it is upset about but a shortcut to a built in windows control panel.

you can delete that shortcut .lnk file if you like, it wont affect the program at all, it's just used to show you a nice list of control panel items when you type "cpanel".

we have written at length about lazy antivirus programs that false alarm (called "false positive") when they encounter something they don't understand.  this is one of those cases.


Keep an eye on how fast they react to your submission of a false positive - you did do that?

If they are as lazy as Mcafee then let them know ;)


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