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Preparing for a new master DonationCoder server

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My great fear with using a separate blog system (as we did early on in DC existence when we had regular "columnists") is that the different sources of content (forum posts, blogs) are pretty walled-off from one another and it creates a very weird schizophrenic situation where it's hard to know what should go where and who is seeing what.-mouser (December 06, 2010, 10:27 AM)
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Hear ye, hear ye! - as a regular, I find that those items work just fine as forum threads, and I'd hate to have it moved externally.

I can see the value of having it available in blog format, though, for people who aren't very interested in participating in the forums. The current homebrew pseudoblog interface is a beginning, but it's not perfect - "/blog" and "/technews" have the same RSS feed as the main page, and "/CodingSnacks" has no feed. IMHO, the "pseudoblog" parts of the site should have their own RSS links that only show items from the pseudoblog.

Other than that, I think it's relatively decent. We definitely don't want anonymous blog comments (it's trash, trash, trash and TRASH), so I don't see a problem in requiring a forum account and using the forum to handle comments. But perhaps it should be possible to at least view the entire posts in the pseudoblog format instead of being taken to the forum? Perhaps even to add quick comments too? It would still integrate with the forum model, it would just be a different view of the data...

Intel Xeon Quad Core Dual Processor (Xeon-Harpertown 5430-Quadcore 2.66GHz) [same as before]
8gb ram [used to have 4gb]
dual sata 500gb drives in raid configuration [used to have dual 250gb not in raid]
1000mbs uplink [same as before]
3000gb bandwidth [i think our previous plan was 2000gb]
Vmware ESX Operating System [used to be CentOs]

Note that while we used to have separate main server and much smaller member server, now we are moving everything to one server and using virtual machines.
-mouser (December 06, 2010, 08:16 AM)
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Bleh. If I knew you were looking for a new server I coulda told you about a Black Friday deal where an i7, 16 GB RAM, 10 TB (5 TB in/out) on a 100 Mbps dedicated, 1x1TB, 8 IP was available for $100. You could have got two of them and made a few upgrades and still come out cheaper than the SL you just got.

i think the other thing to consider is that stability and reliability are the main reason we went with softlayer in the first place.. so i'd be hesitant to move anywhere other than a dedicated hosting company with a really good reputation.

This is true - stability is always important. However, the offer wasn't from a no-name; it was from TurnKey Internet, who have been around for a while and are fairly large (although not as big as SoftLayer). I took advantage of the TurnKey Internet deal (although I didn't go with the i7, but I wish I did) and so far they have been great.

Did you look into WiredTree? They have an excellent reputation around webhosting circles and are typically cheaper than SoftLayer; plus they offer fully managed services.


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