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[eCommerce Script] TomatoCart - A First Look Review

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[everything is working fine]

Depends on your website hoster...with that I mean the webserver software that they use to serve your pages to the web and their rules or accessibility for configuring that software.

Likely they use a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) setup, as that setup has proven to be rock solid, fast (for most intends and purposes) and cheap (Open Source licenses). In that case, the Apache webserver can be configured by a text file. There are a lot of internet pages that explain how to configure it far better than I can.

There are also web interfaces built for this setup, so you can configure the webserver with your browser. But which one your ISP is using I don't know. Maybe that the one they supply for you to use has already an option to enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ok, the domain forwarding is working fine.  Now, if you go to the site here:
The website address gets converted to this as soon as you enter the page:
Now, I'd like to get rid of the "tomatocart/catalog/" part.  How do I do that?
-superboyac (December 18, 2010, 04:34 PM)
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The /tomatocart/ is where youhave uploaded your files (same as this forum is on /forum/) - If you want it on root - re-upload to the root directory of your FTP (If you need assitance feel free to PM Me)

The /catalog/ part (if memory serves) is required (unless u change the coding of most of the files included in the script)

If you easily hide both those directories when you enter the site, create a .httaccess to mask the index.php (Do not mask other pages as this will stop people being able to properly share links)


I decided to go with wordpress with the prophoto theme and the phpurchase shopping cart plugin.  It's working out really well, I'm happy with.  It's more of a comfort thing.  I think it's going to be easier for me than tomatocart since I've had a couple years of wordpress experience now.

My problem with Wordpress is that it is fundamentally driven by the blog format, which really just means it's governed by chronological order.  It takes a lot to organize your content in any other way other than chronologically.  And I hate that.

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WordPress is good and you can do a fine website with it as well with all the extensions, but I must agree with superboyac that I don't like the chronological order and the blog format. It depends what you want to sell through your e-commerce site - with some it might not matter. I'm thinking of setting up a site as well and include tomatocart. But first I still need to still get all the basics like a domain and web hosting. Then I'll think of the rest.


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