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Best PORTABLE video player?

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I know there are several discussions here about video player software, I'm guilty of multiple ones.  So this one is specifically for PORTABLE video players.  Which ones do you guys like or prefer?  I'd love to hear.

From what I've seen, there aren't that many of them.  A lot of the good ones are actually hacks of non-portable applications.  Like, KMPlayer can be downloaded on the web as a hacked portable, but it wasn't specially designed for it.  So I'm more interested in the ones that are designed for it.

SMPlayer is portable, but it's kind of a quirky program, I don't like it that much.  VLC I don't like at all.  I don't Daum Potplayer is offered in a portable version.

I'd love a program like MediaMonkey to be portable.  There are instructions for it here.  But I'm just not a fan of needing "instructions" to set up a portable application.  I'd prefer it just "do it".  One of the challenges of such an application is keeping track of the media files.  At the very least, I'd like the manager to be able to tell if the files it is playing back is on the SAME drive as the portable application.  If that's the case, the program should be able to keep track of the files using a RELATIVE drive path.  So, if I set the application up on one computer, and then move to another (with all the files and program on the same flash drive), everything should work fine even if the other computers assign the flash drive a different letter.  It seems to me that most of these programs just record the actual letter of the drives.  So, I'm glad that the application works as a portable, but I'd like it to go the extra step and keep track of the files that are on the portable drive.

MPC-HC, PotPlayer and Kmplayer are all portable AFAIK. They come with installers but once installed you have the option of storing settings in an .ini in the program folder and then you can copy that directory anywhere. I do this with PotPlayer which is my player of choice since its the next version of Kmplayer and has the best features and UI. And of course it doesn't need any extra codecs, even for DXVA hardware acceleration.

Info and latest update can always be found in this thread -

Oo!!  If Potplayer can go portable, that's the one!  Thanks, I will do that.

My verdict:
Daum Potplayer is good, I have no doubt it will probably be great.  But as of right now, it's still in beta-licious mode.  There are some weird things that need to be fixed.  Problems with skins.  Not very good english support, there's a lot of korean stuff all over the place.  Anyway, i'll hold off on that.  It's faster than KMPlayer, but kmplayer works better right now.  Also, I wish he would let go of adding a bunch of options to the context menus and just put most of them in the preferences dialog.  He goes a little overboard with that.

MPC-HC, just download the zip file and extract, you can delete everything except the executable.


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