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ICANN set to open the TLD flood gates

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-4wd (November 03, 2010, 11:19 PM)
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Well, I don't think I'd buy that domain. Maybe theresnowayinhellillever.stfu though. :P

Oh, stop the TLD flood already, for the sake of DOYC.

There's not fscking need for it, it's just as cash cow... now companies will have to buy even more domain names (that they don't plan on using) in order to avoid domain squatters. Oh yeah omglog, you can get some fancy domain names for irc bouncers, but really - whatever.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks the ".xxx" TLD should have been ".cum" instead? :P - and do you reckon we could get away with snatching up the "" domain?

More likely [email protected] - with a a redirect to .cum TLD.

After a gratifying 45 second wait of course.

Disclaimer: Yes I know my sense of humour is strange.

Stoic Joker:
Or [email protected] - with a redirect to a web store featuring brightly colored plastic spit cups.

Strange humor v2 - Your move  :D


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