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IDEA: Download multiple links from WEB page

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Here is my current dilemma;

I use Office 2000 because it works great for me. (yes I know about open office ect.  :) )
Microsoft has stopped supporting auto updates for the product. The only way to download the updates now is to do it one at a time.
I am constantly reloading my OS and programs due to "geeking" up my computer. (upgrades, crashes ect) The times I do update the hardware, I have to do a full install instead of an image backup.
When I do a full install, I have to apply all the office updates manually.
There are approx 158 updates on the MS site for office 2000. (they can be found here: Office 2000 updates )

The search links will take you to a page with a download link. Is there a way to automatically go from the search link to the download link and then download the update?

I am open for all suggestions. I have used some of the download managers for Firefox but they cannot link to a link in a link.  :D

Thanks as always!

Do you need them labeled as they're downloaded or just simply downloaded with their default filename?

I sent you a PM with all the direct download links that you should be able to put into any download manager.  They totalled just over 500 megs.

Your easiest bet would be to grab a copy of a free product called CT4 Updater available here

It doesn't require installation, so just unzip it to your drive and run it.

When loaded, you'll get a screen with two panels.  

You're interested in the second panel for Office products.

IDEA: Download multiple links from WEB page click to enlarge

Select whichever version (or versions) of Office you're interested in and kick it off. Collecting all the downloads will take some time. How much time depends on what you selected, and the speed of your web connection.

When it's finished, CT4 will have grabbed every available update and created an ISO file which can be mounted, or burned to disk for the next time you want to install all available updates to office.

The ISO includes a batch update installer so you won't need to fiddle with the updates individually.

Great tool.  :Thmbsup:

Sweet looking utility, 40hz.  Thanks for mentioning it.


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