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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Ok it is looking good however its hits were less than my Eclipse internal search. Eclipse hit the 81 for the same word, Archivarius hit only 21. What do you think about its searching features.
-kartal (May 12, 2009, 10:04 PM)
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I haven't found a reason to complain, but then again, it's hard to be sure you got all the hits that there are. The differences you're seeing can of course be casued by different option settings (whole words vs substring, etc.), but you probably checked for that.

The two times I tried Google Desktop Search, OTOH, it was blindingly obvious that its indexing was way off the mark. For some terms it would find no hits at all. It refused to index certain files, even though I specifically included them (or tried to; their configuration was always a little simplistic). Archivarius seems to find whatever I'm looking for, but whether is finding all the matches, I haven't checked.

If someone can give me some suggestions regarding increasing Archivarius hits in text like files that would be great. I just do not have alot of time at the moment.

(Meanwhile, I'll check for *.py on my own system.)
-tranglos (May 12, 2009, 03:38 PM)
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Seems to work fine for me. I created an index of a library of *.py files from ActiveState Komodo Edit distribution. Archivarious appears to have indexed them and finds text in them correctly.

Do email the author, or possibly check other settings of your index (double-click an existing index). Perhaps you have an option set  (size, compression, language, etc.) that unintentionally excluded those files.

-tranglos (May 12, 2009, 03:57 PM)
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I think I like this application. It even has a server which is cool. I have one main question actually. Is it developed actively? I mean do you get couple updates a year at least?

You get - I would estimate - at least 4 (and probably more) updates a year. With Archivarius, that is...

During 2008 there were 19 updates, this year their have been 4 so far.  The updates aren't major, usually 1 or 2 more file types that are supported, and 'minor changes' whatever they may be


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